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Welcome to my portfolio. I invite you to explore my site to get a better understanding of my professional experience. Enjoy browsing, and get in touch if you have any questions.




Far Cry 6

More details on this soon

Will be released on XBOX ONE, PS4, PC, PS5 and XBOX Series X 

Release date TBD



A sequel to 2014's Watch Dogs, it is back with a different mood and setting and located in a fictional, beautiful and colorful San Francisco. The game also provides multiple ways for the player to complete the mission unlike its predecessor. 

I had a lot of fun working on this project and that includes:

- Design AI behaviours for the following archetypes: Attack Dogs, Pet Dogs and K9 Dogs AI, Watcher Robot and Greeter Robot AI, Ambient Animal AI (Birds, Sea Lions)
- Design 3C (Camera, Character and Control) elements for the following Toronto Mandate features: Spider tank
2.0, Wrench Jr
- Design the UI mission flow for IOP (Invasion of Privacy) 2.0
- Polish Mission flow and player feedback for Silicon Valley Missions (Toronto mandate)

Released on XBOX ONE, PS4 and PC


Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist

Splinter Cell Blacklist was released on August 2013 with Kinect support. It supports different play styles and it marks the return of fans favorite Spies vs. Mercs adversarial mode which was introduced in Pandora Tomorrow.

Here are the areas I worked on in this project:

- Design the control and the UI elements for SMI (Strategic Mission Interface) for PC port
- Design the SMI minigame Gone Dark Missions and Rogue Agent for Spy Vs Mercs
- Assist codev partner in designing the Spider-Bot Mobile Companion App for iPhone and Android (Spider-Bot,
Steath-Bot, Strike-Bot)
- Assist codev partner in designing the Community Website (http://

Released on XBOX 360, PS3 and PC


Warriors Legends of Troy

Troy is the first "Western" Musou project that the company has ever done. ​It features greater level of violence than any other Dynasty Warriors game and it was the first Musou title to be rated M. 

My responsibilities in this project include: 

- Designed the flow of boss battle using the pre-existing assets
- Implemented the action and AI dynamics for the boss fight using in-house development tool
- Designed and implemented AI squad army and one on one generals fight
- Collaborated with the scenario designers to create a good gameplay flow in the boss fight and the correct level of

Released on XBOX 360 and PS3


Shin Sangoku Musou 5 PSP Special

My very first semi AAA project, launched only in Japan on PSP.

Here are the list of things that I did in this project: 

- Created and modified 3D model assets to improve draw distance in Shin Sangoku Musou 5 development using XSI Production
- Captured screenshots for manual and press release
- Conducted the testing for quality assurance purpose

Released on PSP


About Me

I am a Game Designer with 13+ years experience in the industry with majority of work in AI design. Currently I work at Ubisoft Toronto as a Team Lead Game Designer for [REDACTED] project. I also teach Game Design Fundamental, Game Planning and Production Thesis Course at George Brown College in my spare time. My other passions include photography (I took the picture below) and board games.


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